Freaky goosebumps

Torch went out. Ghost hunting starts. Two men. Two pretenders. Turned off the lights. Faced to faced. One’s face stretches. One’s head almost eaten. 

I fell. Slowly. Twas a beautiful little town. On top of the mountains. The grass are greener there. Pretty houses. Ragnarok! Is it?

50th Baeksang Arts Awards - Daesang award // Jeon Ji Hyun’s speech to Kim Soo Hyun

So sweet! Congrats unnie! You deserved this 100000%!!!

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50th Baeksang Arts Awards - Popularity Award // Kim Soo Hyun, Do Min Joon-sshi’s confession? :)

OMG!! <3

50th Baeksang Arts Awards - Popularity Award // Kim Soo Hyun, Do Min Joon-sshi’s confession? :)

OMG!! <3

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Tik tok tik tok…

I cannot stop it. We cannot stop it. We all wished we all had the power to stop it. It’s sad. At some point, we’ll run out of it. One day, you’ll bid your farewells. Then, you’re full of regrets. Have you ever wanted to do something but you’re afraid of doing it? I wanted to embrace them. And be thankful for everything. Show them appreciation, give them some love. Give them something that we’re running out of. That they’re running out of. It all fell down. I chase my breath. I recall everything. Mixed of emotions running. It’s all memories now. And it will all soon be forgotten. They will be forgotten. I will be forgotten. All of us will be forgotten. Fears are coming out like sun rays. I will have full of regrets. I will be destroyed from within.

I’m tired…

Tired of living… So damn tired

The eyes of someone who’s in love can only see the person that they love. In her world, nothing but the person she love exists. In the end, even the mask was looking at the person she loved.

—Ryuu-sensei from “Bad Guy”

Ippen… shinde miru?

I’m really scared… of how I’m going to die, or what’s next for me after death? I’ve been thinking about it for the past few months. And I’m really scared. Some people say, we’re afraid of death because we’re afraid that we’d be forgotten by the people who are left behind. Apart from the feeling of dying or the way I’m going to die, what fears me more is not about being forgotten but rather missing those people whom I’ll never get to see, nor even remember anymore. Or that death is really the end, no afterlife; an eternal oblivion. 

Chasing love, chasing you.

It feels good to be chased. Well, not by someone who would want to kill you or something like that but being chased because they don’t want you to leave them. 

I want to feel that kind of thing. I wanted to be chased, but I always end up being the one who’s chasing… for so many times. Maybe that just proves something. And that won’t make me feel good either. Oh love, why do you always hurt me? :(

Love never dies a natural death. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.

Anais Nin

Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go, but rather, learning to start over.

Nicole Sobon